EITEC '18 is a workshop held at CPS Week 2018 in Porto, Portugal
Date: April 10, 2018

Location: CPS Week Porto

Important Date


April 10, 2018



Call for Papers

The organizers invite contributions with a strong focus towards CPS that describe problem statements, trends, and emerging ideas in the engineering of CPS. The workshop defines 4 categories of submissions, targeted to address dedicated topic.

Paper Categories

Category 1: Problem Statements and emerging ideas

Submissions for this category shall describe open issues in the engineering of CPS of theoretical or practical nature and discuss / present corresponding solution ideas or describe industrial and academic challenges for the engineering of CPS.

Category 2: Demonstration papers

Submissions in this category will present and demonstrate prototypical features of development tools that address the specific challenges in engineering of CPS.

Category 3: Roadmap papers

Submissions in this category shall describe where the research in the field of engineering CPS should be heading and address proposals how to shape future research.

Category 4: Empirical Evaluations

Submissions in this category shall discuss contributions that address empirical evaluation work, case studies and analysis related to research in the engineering of CPS.


Topics for contributions in the aforementioned categories may include:

  • Engineering Paradigms: Model-based engineering, engineering methodologies, quality assurance techniques, engineering for adaptation, self* CPS, heterogeneous applications and platforms.
  • Modeling and Analysis: Multidisciplinary modeling and analysis, context-analysis and context-awareness, specification of requirements, functional analysis, verification and validation of safety, security, and timing properties.
  • Architectures: Scalable and evolvable system and software architectures, architectural design and languages.
  • Design Space Exploration (DSE):(Multi-)objective analysis support for DSE of CPS.
  • Variability: Management, modelling and analysis for CPS.
  • Processes: Integrated processes based on the design-operation life-cycle continuum of CPS.
  • Industrial Practice: Experiences from efforts in the industry addressing the technological challenges that come with the introduction of CPS.
  • Empirical Evaluations: Results from empirical evaluations addressing the technological challenges that come with the introduction of CPS.
  • Verification and Validation: Verification and validation of safety, security, and timing properties, efficient verification of CPS.
  • Data Quality: Description of challenges and proposed solutions/roadmap/evaluations for the collection and integration of heterogeneous data and sources for their usage in CPS.

A .pdf version of this Call for Papers can be downloaded here.